LED lighting systems

Hi Project s.r.l. is an Italian artisan enterprise located in Feltre (BL).
Since 2006 we have been specializing with great passion in the LED lighting field - we design, produce and commercialize high quality LED lighting bodies with our BRILLAMENTI trademark.
Our continued research, our meticulous attention to small details and our attention to protection of global environmental, have permitted us to realize recyclable and long-lasting design products with high lighting efficiency. Our ultimate goal is working meticulously as a light workshop to offer to our client a simply “perfect” product entirely made in Italy .
We always collaborate with well-known architects, builders and contractors to realize innovative and personalized lighting solutions that satisfy all possible needs.
For us, the study of the lighting project is of fundamental importance, which materializes a 3D rendering elaboration showing to the client a preview of the final result.
"Brillamenti continuously strives
to make light a means that is a source
of splendour, recreating a dynamic
ambience which is really sunlight
reflections on things"



    Concept If you have an idea in mind, finding the right designer is essential. They will help you explore, develop and refine your idea further as well as think through the different components involved in the making.
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    Visualisation Once you have researched and refined your idea, it will need to be visually presented. A designer will help you visualise your idea and explore various designs in order to find the right design or build a range of products.
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    Drafting Often, as part of the process of turning an idea to reality some precision is required. Technical drawings allow you to specify the requirements of your design and helps the manufacturer produce your design correctly.
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    Materials Researching and sourcing the right materials for your design idea is essential. Some factories can provide materials, and sometimes you will need to source your own materials separately.
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    Sample Making Even the simplest of ideas often need to be tested to make sure all components and design specifications are functional and harmonious in design. A sample is a prototype of your idea. Usually samples are made by hand by a master craftsman in order to create a perfect sample for future production. For this reason often samples are charged at a different rate to production. A spec is a blueprint of the design listing all materials used throughout the design in order to ensure consistency of future production.
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    Tooling To produce products in volume at a fast rate and reasonable cost, a tooling will need to be created. Tooling depends on the product type and minimums. Costs for these will vary accordingly.
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    Production “Production run” is often referred to producing more than a couple of products of the same design at the same time. Depending on the size and set up of the factories, their minimal production orders may vary from a few to hundreds of units made at the same time.
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Via Mario Luciani, 4/E
Feltre, Belluno, IT 32032

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